Tomorrow is ours: Chloe and Alex are on the brink of crisis!


Alex and Chloe will soon declare war on each other in Tomorrow is ours. The two parents will fight for the custody of Celeste.

For several weeks now, nothing has been going well between Alex and Chloe in Tomorrow belongs to us. Both parents will soon be fighting for custody of Celeste. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Alex and Chloe aren’t ready to get back together in Tomorrow is Ours. A few weeks ago, Alex learned of his father’s death and got involved in alcohol. He missed Celeste’s birth and kept lying to Chloe.

Worst of all, Alex cheated on his wife with Flore. Chloe has finally discovered everything and resents him terribly. So, she decided to end their marriage and Alex has been living with Flore for several days. It broke the heart of Judith’s mother who still seems to have feelings for her husband.

For her part, Flore is determined to stay with Alex in Tomorrow belongs to us. So, she doesn’t get along with Chloe at all and tries to get Alex to turn the page.

In the sequel, Chloe will be very angry with Alex. She will therefore file for divorce while asking for sole custody of Celeste.


Chloe can’t stand seeing Alex with Flore in Tomorrow belongs to us and even feels like she sees her former best friend everywhere. So, she will feel terrible when she finds out that Alex and Flore have settled down together.

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The teacher will no longer want to have false hopes and will want to turn the page in her turn. In an excerpt from TF1, Chloe will call on a lawyer to initiate the divorce and request custody of her little girl. However, this will not please Alex who will pay him a little visit …

Alex will go to Chloe’s house after receiving the letter from the lawyer. He won’t understand Chloe’s choice and will tell her he’s not going to let it go. Like her, he’ll want custody of the baby, but Chloe will remind him that he’s still not out of business with alcohol.

Still, Alex goes to assure him that he is sober and that he can take care of Celeste. “Do you realize that you are ready to put her in danger once again all this for an ego story?”, Chloe will answer then. This will piss off her ex-husband a little.

Alex is going to tell Chloe that he can take care of Celeste with Flore. This will provoke the anger of Chloe even more, who will learn that Flore is doing everything to keep her away from her daughter. “Flore is right, it is in adversity that you discover the true face of people,” Alex will say. War is therefore declared between the two ex of Tomorrow belongs to us …


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