Tomorrow is ours: Bilel guilty of assaulting Charlie?


Bibel will soon be suspected of assaulting Charlie in Tomorrow belongs to us. He will end up in police custody.

Charlie was assaulted at the beach in Tomorrow Belongs to Us and finds himself in a coma. Bilel will soon be suspected of assaulting her. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Charlie was assaulted on the beach a few days ago in Tomorrow is Our Own. The young woman has made a lot of enemies in Sète and has many secrets. The list of suspects is long and Charlie and William were the first suspects.

In order to create discord, Charlie dredged William up in the hospital and pretended to be sick. She didn’t hesitate to put a thong in the doctor’s bag and Sofia fell on it. Thus, the young woman wanted to settle accounts with Charlie.

After taking William into custody, Aurora has finally found new evidence in Tomorrow belongs to us. Charlie had an important date at the beach and seemed to be steeped in blackmail.

Indeed, Luke’s sister was dating men on the Internet and was not shy about sending them naughty photos. Subsequently, the young woman blackmailed them and asked them a lot of money.


Charlie wanted to make some easy money in Tomorrow is Ours. The young woman demanded 1,000 euros from men after sending them nude photos. She had managed to get a large sum of money and had a date with Bilel at the beach.

So next week Bilel will become the prime suspect in Charlie’s assault. Noor’s father will find himself in police custody and will have to answer Karim’s many questions. TF1 released an excerpt and Bilel may well have injured the teenager.

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In the video, Karim goes to ask Bilel what happened at the beach. He has found Charlie’s necklace and thinks the man is guilty. Noor’s father explains that he begged Charlie to delete the photos and he claims his innocence.

Besides, Bilel is happy to see that Karim doesn’t think he is guilty in Tomorrow belongs to us. Nevertheless, we suspect that the police will not stop there. Bilel remains the sole suspect in Charlie’s assault and the evidence is against him.


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