Tomorrow is ours: Ben and Mathilde are dating a couple!


New couple in Sète! After turning around for several weeks, Ben and Mathilde formalized their relationship in the series.

They love each other and they prove it. In the Tomorrow belongs to us series, many couples have formed in a very limited period of time. And this is the case with Ben and Mathilde.

And if there is one that nobody saw coming, it is the one formed by Ben and Mathilde. The two teenagers who have known each other for only a few days have moved on to serious matters.

The young woman arrived in Sète a few months ago with her mother, Louise and her brother. Mathilde’s mother works with Barth at Little Spoon.

The brother and sister, who are not from the region, therefore began their education in the same high school as Ben and his sister Solenne. And the chemistry between the two teenagers was quick.

Indeed, in an excerpt unveiled by MTF1, we see Ben and Mathilde exchanging a kiss, as they walk in the streets of Sète. The start of a beautiful love story.


After having skipped school, Ben and Mathilde were therefore reprimanded by their parents. The young man is going to want to impress Aurelien’s sister by claiming that he stood up to his father.

But Mathilde cannot say the same since her mother severely punished her. So Ben is going to apologize for dragging her into this, so he has a method of his own to apologize for his unforgivable gesture.

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To be forgiven, he will therefore kiss the young girl. This magic kiss therefore marks the beginning of a beautiful story between the high school student and the young woman.

As a reminder, Ben is at war with his father after the latter has confessed to being responsible for his daughter’s paralysis. Solenne is in a wheelchair because of her father, who caused a serious road accident. Since the father and son no longer communicate.


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