Tomorrow is ours: Bart and Louise falling in love!


Bart and Louise get closer and closer in Tomorrow belongs to us. Will the boss and his employee take action?

In Tomorrow belongs to us, the couple come together, but they come apart. Back in Sète, Bart recently launched his mobile restaurant, the Little Spoon.

He therefore offers sushi to Sétois every day. Faced with demand, the latter therefore had to employ a person to provide the service.

And it was thanks to Louise that the young man was able to get his head out of the water. The young man put the pretty brunette who has just arrived in Sète to the test, and yet it was far from won.

Directive and authoritarian, Louise had a hard time seducing Bart. Very stubborn, Flore’s son couldn’t bear Louise giving him advice on how to improve his business.

And yet, Bart had to face the facts. The young woman’s advice is invaluable and has helped her to better manage her time in restaurants.


The young man recently had a painful love affair with Hugo. Since then, the young man has not known any other love stories.

But Louise’s arrival will trouble the young man. The latter gets along very well with the pretty brunette, who makes customers happy every day.

Bart enjoys Louise’s company very much, and he has helped her find social housing for her and her children. In an excerpt unveiled by myTF1, the young woman will receive a phone call.

His application for social housing was accepted. Good news for the waitress at Little Spoon who was in financial difficulty.

So she hurried to tell Bart the news. The two friends hugged each other, but they could have gone further… So will Flore Vallorta’s son fall for his pretty waitress? Answer this evening at 7:10 pm in Tomorrow belongs to us, on TF1.


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