Tomorrow belongs to us: Xavier is ready to jail Martin!


Xavier arrived recently in Tomorrow belongs to us. He will want to stop Chloe and Martin and will feel betrayed by his childhood friend.

Chloe agreed to help Martin and hide him while he finds evidence in Tomorrow is ours. However, Xavier will soon find out everything and he will want to take them into custody. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Xavier will feel betrayed in Tomorrow belongs to us. A few days ago, police found the lifeless body of Danielli, Michael Corkas’s ex-ally. The mobster was at the fancy dress party at the Spoon and had drugged Martin and Virginia. Thus, they have no memory of the evening and Martin finds himself in turmoil.

The policeman regained consciousness in a container after the Spoon party and had a big gash in his hand. So he seems to have had a fight with the mobster during the evening. For his part, Xavier, the new prosecutor, put his bags in Sète to investigate the case. Yet he faces many obstacles.

Aurore and Karim found Martin’s murder weapon DNA in Tomorrow belongs to us. So Xavier wanted to stop him, but he fled. Virginie called on Chloe and Judith’s mother agreed to help her. So, for several days, she has been hiding Martin at home, but Alex and Judith don’t like it.

Chloe and Xavier know each other very well since they were in high school together. The DA has a soft spot for Chloe and they spend a lot of time together. However, by helping Martin, the teacher betrays her new lover and he will soon discover everything …


Chloe isn’t completely honest with Xavier in Tomorrow is Ours. She finds herself in a dilemma and her daughter Judith no longer wants her to hide Martin. So, tonight, Alex is going to want Martin to go to the Mas so that he no longer endangers his family. The policeman will accept.

Aurore will have many clues against Chloe and will want Xavier to agree to place her under surveillance. However, he will refuse and will want them to continue their investigation of Virginie and Jules. A little later, Xavier will go to Chloe’s and make a nice declaration of love to her.

He will no longer want to miss their story and Chloe will be very touched by his words. However, at the same time, Alex will arrive to get Martin back. Maxime’s mother will introduce Xavier to Alex, but will be a little embarrassed. Karim’s new colleague will pretend to leave and will fall from a height.

Xavier will indeed see Alex leave Chloe’s house with Martin in Tomorrow belongs to us. He will be in shock and will not waste a minute calling Aurore. He’s going to ask the police to arrest Martin and Chloe. The teacher could well be prosecuted for complicity and big risk …


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