Tomorrow belongs to us: worried about changing doctors!


In the continuation of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, the young Isam will be forced to change doctor, on the eve of his operation.

In the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Isam is going to be very worried. And this for a very specific reason.

Although his operation is scheduled for the next day, Isam will not be stressed at all as he has great confidence in Doctor Dumaze.

But that was without counting on Renaud who will ask William to take charge of his operations. Including that of Isam. Indeed, the latter would have family problems.

In the sequel to Tomorrow is Our Own, William visits the teenager to tell him that he will be in charge of his operation and that he will take care of him.

But to the doctor’s surprise, the young man is not at all enthusiastic. He then guarantees her that he has nothing to worry about because he is an excellent surgeon.

But later in Tomorrow belongs to us, Isam goes to visit Manon at the Spoon and shares his doubts with her. The latter then tries to cheer him up. In his eyes of course, his father is a genius in the discipline.

But when she gets home, Manon asks her father to find out if her boyfriend is at risk of dying on the operating table. Even nothing is certain, but William agrees to take the necessary precautions for a successful intervention.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Isam super worried about changing doctors!


But fans of Tomorrow belongs to Us are worried about another character as well. Yes, yes, it is Morgana.

In the next episodes, Justine will warn the latter that the warden will be transferred to another wing of the prison. Phew, here she is relieved! And fans of the series too.

Morgane is then very grateful to Gabriel. But also Sandrine, who met the director of the prison.

In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, we will see the guard arrive in their cell to apologize to them in front of a witness.

Meanwhile, Gabriel breaks the good news to Charlie and thanks her for being there. As the teen tries to kiss him, the latter gently pushes him away.

As for Virginie, she tells Justine that her request for release has been accepted and that she will be released from prison the following week.

However, it is a provisional release until his trial. But the young woman promises to fight to assert self-defense.

From now on, Justine wants to surprise Tristan. She then asks her lawyer to keep it a secret. Which she might well accept. As for Morgane, she will ask Sandrine for help. To be continued !


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