Tomorrow belongs to us: William was so surprised!


William will soon be in big trouble at the hospital in Tomorrow is Ours. Flore will tell him that he is being laid off.

Charlie was found unconscious on the beach and appears to have been assaulted. William will find himself suspicious and may soon lose his job in Tomorrow is ours. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

William soon to be discharged from the hospital? A few days ago, Charlie tried to sow discord in Sofia’s family. Indeed, the young woman dredged William up in the hospital. Then, she didn’t hesitate to put a thong in her satchel.

Sofia discovered the thong and believed that her father was cheating on Aurore in Tomorrow belongs to us. However, William didn’t know what she was talking about and later realized that Charlie had set him up. So, it looks like he tried to settle scores with her.

However, someone hit Charlie at the beach and the young woman is in a coma. Sofia was the first suspected, but the police will soon turn to William. Indeed, they will believe that the doctor was sleeping with the teenager.

Karim will interview William in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. This will have big repercussions on his married life, but also on his work.


In an excerpt from an upcoming episode of Tomorrow is Ours, William is going to go to the hospital to resume his duty. However, he will meet Flore and the new director will tell him bad news.

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Indeed, William is going to be fired, because everything suggests that he is behind Charlie’s assault. Sofia’s father will try to justify himself, but Flore won’t want to hear anything. “The case was not dismissed,” she told him.

Flore will ask William to leave the place and he will be in shock. Nevertheless, Marianne will intervene and will give her all her support. “William is innocent, you are violating his right to practice”, she will tell Flore.

William is going to feel very uncomfortable in Tomorrow is Ours and won’t want to put on a show. Thus, he will choose to leave the hospital and will not be able to work there for a long time. So, are they going to get fired? In any case, Marianne will tell Flore that she finds all this “scandalous”.


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