Tomorrow belongs to us: William is still tortured!


Charlie was assaulted in Tomorrow belongs to us. William will become the main suspect in the investigation and Aurore will be furious.

Charlie was found unconscious on the beach and may well die in Tomorrow is Ours. William is going to be the suspect in the investigation and will have to explain himself to Aurore. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

William is going to be in big trouble in Tomorrow is ours! For several weeks, Charlie and Sofia have been at war. The two teens don’t like each other and no luck.

So, a few weeks ago, Charlie uploaded a fake sextape of Sofia and Arthur. The young woman led all the students to believe that they had filmed the video. However, Sofiaet didn’t dare go to class anymore because of the insults about her.

Eventually, Aurora had found evidence against Charlie and asked him to make a public apology. The story should have ended there between Sofia and Luke’s sister in Tomorrow is Our Own. However, Charlie wanted to do another low blow to his enemy.

So, she placed a thong in William’s satchel during a consultation. Sofia saw the thong in her bag and lost control when she learned that Charlie had tried to cause discord in his family.


William thought he could sort this out on his own in Tomorrow belongs to us. However, the police found Charlie on the beach and she is suffering from a ruptured aneurysm. Besides, it looks like someone tried to kill her.

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So, who could have taken it out on Charlie on the show? In the next few episodes, all the evidence will go against William. Indeed, the doctor will have to answer the many questions of the police after the testimony of a student of the high school in Sofia.

Aurore is going to resent William to learn that he was in trouble with Charlie. “I wanted to protect you here,” he said in a video to his wife. This will annoy Aurore a little more, who will not know how to help her family.

So, did William really attempt to kill Charlie in Tomorrow is Ours? The doctor won’t be the only one on the suspect list. Indeed, her daughter Sofia will also be in big trouble and everyone in high school will think she is guilty … A situation that promises to be difficult for Aurore to manage …


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