Tomorrow belongs to us: will Auguste Armand die?


Fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us may for more than two months the spin-off. Augustus is dead and it was planned from the start.

For several months now, fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us have been following Maxime’s adventures in Here it all begins. The spin-off killed a very important character. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

For more than two months, TF1 has been broadcasting the spin-off of Tomorrow belongs to us which is called Here everything begins. The series focuses on Maxime, Chloe’s son, who goes to cookery school at the Auguste Armand Institute.

Antoine and Flore also followed Maxime in this new adventure. In fact, Flore is Augustus’s daughter and has agreed to come and live with him in order to write his memoirs and be present for him during his illness. And for good reason, Auguste has known for months that he has a heart condition and refused to be treated.

So fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us can follow the many secrets about Auguste Armand’s students. But, they can also discover family conflicts at Flore. Indeed, the latter has a hard time getting along with her sister.

Nonetheless, fans of the spin-off had to contend with the soap opera’s first big death.


The fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us were surely hoping that Augustus would eventually recover. However, the old man refused to have the operation and paid a heavy price. The Here It All Begins audiences had to deal with the loss of a star character for the very first time.

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The series knew from the start that Augustus was going to die. Even before the launch of the show, the production knew that Flore’s father was going to die, Allociné echoes.

“Yes, when we contacted Francis Huster for this character, we immediately said to him ‘This is a role that will last two months. The death of Augustus was foreseen from the start. The series was conceived around the death of this character, “said Sarah Farahmand, producer Here it all begins for our colleagues.

Thus, in the next episodes of the spin-off of Tomorrow belongs to us, Flore and the other characters will be in mourning. Then, above all, they will be able to learn more about the secret of Augustus. “I can’t say much except that his secret is family. It affects several people, ”she told Allociné.


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