Tomorrow belongs to us: Ulysses still too disturbed to work!


Odysseus was stranded in a cave for several days in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young man is still going to feel very bad.

Ulysses had a big tragedy several days ago in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young man will have a hard time getting back to work and could even get fired from Spoon. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

A few days ago, Ulysses wanted to do Urbex and brought with him Amanda, Sasha, Clémentine, Victoire, Georges and Judith. The cave collapsed and the characters from Tomorrow Belongs to Us remained underground for several weeks.

Odysseus almost died because the young man drank unfiltered water and fell ill. Then he had to deal with a lot of tensions and Sasha held him responsible for the cave collapse. Amanda’s sweetheart has been at its worst ever since.

Ulysses is out of the woods and can resume his lifestyle in Tomorrow belongs to us. However, the cook has become claustrophobic and never ceases to remember his hell underground. Amanda will therefore try to help him calm down and move on.

After another panic attack, Amanda goes to reassure her sweetheart and tell him that he has a mind of steel. Then, she will suggest that he resume work so as not to think about the cave.


In this Thursday, November 12 episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Amanda tells Ulysses that work had helped her stop thinking about her rape. She will therefore ask her darling to return to the Spoon and cook for the customers.

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However, once at the Spoon, Ulysses will not be at ease and will fall behind on orders. Besides, he will forget to send some entries and that will piss off Tristan a lot. The manager of the restaurant will ask him to take charge.

Ulysses will try to do his best, but will completely miss Flore and Victor’s dishes. The two customers of the Spoon will get angry with Tristan and warn him. For them, it will be out of the question to set foot in the Spoon again if the food does not improve.

This will make Tristan very uncomfortable and will be afraid of having to go out of business. So, in Tomorrow belongs to us, Sasha’s brother will alert Ulysses and threaten him. If he can’t cook anymore, he will be fired…. So, will Ulysses recover?


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