Tomorrow belongs to us: the designer talks about sets!


Fans of Tomorrow Belongs love following the stories of Chloe and the other characters. The decorations are very well worked.

Tomorrow belongs to us for more than three years. The series is a huge success on TF1 and the production relies heavily on the sets to satisfy the fans.

For more than three years, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us have been able to follow the adventures of Chloe, Alex and the other characters. Not long ago, Ingrid Chauvin’s character discovered that her husband had cheated on her with Flore. She finds it hard to forgive him and feels betrayed.

Chloe has therefore decided to separate from Alex and even wants to go to divorce. For his part, Alex lives at the farmhouse with Flore and everything seems to be going very well between them. However, he recently learned that Chloe was seeing a man, Xavier. Judith’s father doesn’t seem to take it very well …

We will still have to wait to know if the flagship couple of Tomorrow belongs to us will get back together. In the meantime, the production finds many plots to keep fans in suspense. However, it’s not just the actors who give their all. Indeed, the production designer of the series confided in the sets.

The Spoon is surely one of the favorite places of Sandrine, Chloe, Morgane and the other characters. The place is very well located and Tristan, the manager of the bar, takes care of his customers. Nevertheless, at the base, the series filmed well in a real buildings in Sète, but very quickly had to change its plans.

Tomorrow belongs to us: the production designer of the series talks about the sets!


The Spoon has become a symbolic place in Tomorrow belongs to us. Thus, many fans are going to Sète in order to be able to go and meet the few beautiful places of the series. The real place was therefore gradually a victim of its success and the production had to install the Spoon in another place.

“The place was getting too small and there were too many fans present during the shootings. We therefore recreated the facade and the interior of the bar identically, “said Marc Thiébault, head decorator for Télé-Loisirs. Today, the location where the filming was performed is the official store for the series.

Finally, the interior scenes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us take place in one location. Indeed, the production was able to have a huge hangar of more than 1,600 m2. She turned it into a huge studio, so Ingrid Chauvin and the other actors can shoot in peace.

So the scenes in the hospital, high school or even the Spoon all take place in this big hangar. This makes the filming easier since the actors do not need to go to different places to shoot the scenes. However, the head decorator worked for months to bring this hangar to life. “We really started from zero! »He said to our colleagues.


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