Tomorrow belongs to us: Souleymane finds his mother!


Several months ago, Souleymane lost her mother in Tomorrow belongs to us. Valérie Myriel will soon resume contact with her son.

Valérie Myriel was reported missing several months ago in Tomorrow belongs to us. Souleymane’s mother may well return from the dead in the sequel to the soap opera. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Souleymane will soon see her mother again in Tomorrow belongs to us! Over a year ago, the Myriel family arrived in Sète. The fans met Antoine, Souleymane and Valérie. The former high school principal cheated on his wife with Rose and tried to save her couple several times. However, things ended badly.

During a day at sea, Antoine, Souleyme and Valérie had a serious accident. The young man’s mother has since gone missing and appears to have been left for dead. Antoine had a new life soon after with Rose and even left Sète to join the Auguste Armand institute in Here everything begins.

For his part, Souleymane has been living for months with Sandrine, Morgane, Arthur and Gabriel. The young man seems to have found his place within this family in Tomorrow belongs to us. Then, he can especially count on the presence of Judith in order to keep morale during difficult times.

Souleymane and Judith are adorable together and do everything to live together. Nevertheless, soon the teenager is going to have a huge shock. Valérie Myriel will soon be back in Sète and could very quickly make contact with her son …


The fans haven’t heard from Valérie for a long time. In fact, they didn’t really have time to get to know her in Tomorrow is Our Own. However, the production has chosen to focus on a new plot around Souleymane. In a few days, the young man will find his mother.

According to a TF1 excerpt from an upcoming episode, Sandrine will go home and give Souleymane a letter. Judith’s darling will be in the middle of a game with Gabriel and will not pay attention to it. Yet after the game he will open the letter and be in shock. His mother sent him a letter and is still alive!

Without giving an explanation to his relatives, Souleymane goes to grab his phone to dial a number. You can hear her say a word on the phone: “mom”. So, did he manage to get in touch with Valérie? In any case, the teenager’s life could become more complicated in the weeks to come.

Valérie will be back in Sète for her son in Tomorrow belongs to us. Thus, Souleymane could decide to leave Sandrine’s family to settle down with her mother. The young man may still have a lot of questions for his mother. Indeed, he will surely not understand why she abandoned him …


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