Tomorrow belongs to us: Sandrine convicted of murder?


Franck died not long ago in Tomorrow belongs to us. Sandrine will soon be accused of murder and the evidence is mounting.

Franck was found dead in his villa not long ago in Tomorrow belongs to us. Aurore will have to open an investigation and Sandrine will be suspected of murder. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Did Sandrine kill Franck in Tomorrow belongs to us? Several weeks ago, Morgane’s brother made his entry into Sète and tried to charm everyone with gifts. Yet Arthur’s mother always had serious doubts about him and made her personal investigation.

Sandrine discovered that Franck’s ex-wife committed suicide and the latter received numerous life insurance policies. Thus, she worried a lot for Anne-Marie, who fell in love with the businessman. Moreover, Franck did not hesitate to drug her in order to get her to sign proxies.

However, Sandrine found herself alone against everyone in Tomorrow belongs to us. Morgane and Anne-Marie have always refused to believe that Franck was dangerous. However, the latter strangled Arthur and threatened to kill him in the soap opera. Morgane therefore wanted to speak to her brother and he preferred to flee.

Franck did not have time to leave Sète as the police found him dead in his villa. Aurore, Karim and Georges will therefore have to open an investigation and will find a lot of evidence against Sandrine.


In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, Sandrine’s nightmare will continue as she will be suspected of murder. Arthur’s mother is going to claim to have stayed in high school very late, but the evidence against her is going to mount.

Indeed, as revealed in an extract from TF1, Aurore will ask Sara to see if Sandrine has received a PV on the day of Franck’s death. The policewoman will discover that the CPE received a ticket at 6.15 p.m. when she left school. So her alibi won’t hold up and Sara will rush to tell Georges about it.

“Are you sure of the time?”, George will reply, somewhat embarrassed. For him, there is no longer any doubt, Sandrine lied about her schedule. Especially since the CPE had a red stain on his jacket and did everything to make it disappear in Tomorrow is ours.

Nevertheless, it could be that Sandrine attacked Franck in his villa. The latter may have wanted revenge after discovering the marks of strangulation of her son. Then, Anne-Marie could also have killed Morgane’s brother. After all, the latter wanted to be more than devastated after their breakup …


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