Tomorrow belongs to us: Sandrine after the accident!


Sandrine has been in danger for several weeks in Tomorrow belongs to us. Victoire’s mother will soon be run over.

Sandrine does everything to know Franck’s secret in Tomorrow belongs to us. She will soon have a serious accident and could die. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Sandrine will be close to death in Tomorrow belongs to us. Several weeks ago, Franck entered Sète and the man seemed very attentive to his family. Indeed, he spoiled his sister, Morgane as well as Arthur, Sandrine and even Anne-Marie. Franck was unanimous and seemed harmless.

Yet Sandrine has always found it difficult to trust him and thinks he is not being honest. So she started to investigate him and thought she saw him carrying a body. What give him chills and want to warn his whole family. Yet Morgana refused to listen to her and does not believe her brother is a killer.

Alone against all, Sandrine called on Anna. The journalist agreed to investigate Franck and discovered that his ex-wife is dead. He would have received many life insurance policies and would have won the jackpot following the death of his wife. Thus, Sandrine thinks that Anne-Marie is in danger by her side.

The principal of the school tried to speak to Morgane de Franck. Nevertheless, tired of the accusations against her brother, Morgane chose to break up with Sandrine. Victoire’s mother finds herself more destitute than ever in Tomorrow belongs to us.


Franck is not honest and seems to do everything to get his way with Anne-Marie. He made her sign a power of attorney, and Sandrine’s mother intends to marry him. Still, they’ve only known each other for a short time, but she seems blinded by love.

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In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, Sandrine will be at its worst after her break with Morgane. She’s going to go to school and beg her sweetheart to come back and live with her. However, Morgane will be unresponsive and refuse to get back into a relationship with her. She will no longer want her brother to be accused wrongly because of Sandrine.

A little later, Sandrine will discover that Franck’s signet ring belongs to Noé de Cotrières. However, the latter appears to be missing and has not posted on social media for several weeks. So she will start to believe that Franck killed her and got rid of her body in front of her eyes. However, the signet ring will disappear and Sandrine will think that Franck has entered her home.

In the evening, Victoire and Georges will have doubts about Franck in Tomorrow belongs to us. They will therefore go to Sandrine to talk about it. Victoire’s mother will want to go to Morgane’s again to warn her. However, in the street, she is going to be hit by a car under the frightened eyes of Morgane. The latter will rush towards her and call for help … So, will Sandrine be okay? To be continued!


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