Tomorrow belongs to us: Samuel hangs more on Iris!


In Tomorrow belongs to us, Samuel is insistent with Iris. The latter is obsessed with the young woman and he wants to understand why.

The arrival of Iris in Sète provokes many emulators. If there is one person who is troubled by the arrival of the pretty brunette, it’s Samuel.

Since the death of Leïla Beddiar, Samuel struggles to go up the slope. It was in the arms of the pretty Alma that the young man managed to heal his sadness.

However, in recent days, a young woman has come to stir up trouble within the couple. This person is none other than Alma.

A few days ago, MYTF1 revealed an exclusive extract in which Samuel was cheating on Alma with the young woman. In his dream, the young man believed he was giving Leila his hand.

Confused, he woke up with a start in his bed, next to Alma. The arrival of the young woman in Sète disrupts Samuel’s daily life, and Samuel wants to understand why.


Rather shy by nature, Samuel could not help but solicit Iris in the streets of Sète. Suspicious, the young woman had asked the doctor to stop flirting with her because it was not being done. Especially in a hospital.

However, Samuel is not aiming to flirt with the pretty brunette, quite the contrary. At the end of the week, the latter asked her if the latter had undergone any transplantation, to which Iris replied “Yes”.

Samuel then goes to warn William, his best friend, who says he is very worried about Samuel for several days. The latter seems to feed an obsession for the young patient who reminds him of Leïla.

Alma’s darling does not budge, he is convinced that Iris has some connection with his former friend, who was found dead in her car. But then, was he right?

To find out, we will have to wait until tomorrow to find your favorite characters from the TF1 series, Tomorrow belongs to us. See you tomorrow at 7:10 pm!


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