Tomorrow belongs to us: Samuel and William at war again!


William will soon be accused of assaulting Charlie in Tomorrow belongs to us. The doctor goes to argue with Samuel again.

The Daunier family has been at its worst for a few days in Demain belongs to us. William and Samuel are going to have a fight over Sofia and it could go very badly. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Samuel and William at war again? A few months ago, Sofia learned that Samuel was her biological father in Tomorrow belongs to us. This caused great tension and William was very angry with his childhood friend.

Since then, everything seems to be better and William and Samuel talk to each other again and his close again. In addition, Samuel takes his role of second dad very seriously and supports Sofia. They managed to build a relationship based on trust and the girl can tell him anything.

So, in Tomorrow belongs to us, Sofia discovered that William had a thong in his satchel. She believed her father had cheated on her mother and told Samuel about it. A little later, the young woman learned that Charlie had tried to sow discord within his family.

William wanted to settle scores with Charlie, but he didn’t really have time. Indeed, Luke’s sister was found unconscious on the beach and everything suggests that Sofia assaulted her.


In the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Karim will think that Sofia is guilty. All the evidence will go against the young woman and the latter will hide many things from the police. However, Aurore will be very upset and will think that her colleagues are investigating.

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Then, Sofia will learn that the whole school is talking about her and that her classmates accuse her of wanting to kill Charlie. She is going to live a real nightmare again and will go to see Samuel in order to confide. His biological father will want to be upset in the face of his distress and will want to talk about it with William.

Samuel will lose patience with William and will want to know if he wanted revenge on Charlie. He will not stand Sofia being accused instead and will be very bad for her. So, he’s going to go too far by accusing his friend of cheating on Aurora with Charlie.

William is going to get carried away and accuse him of being a big “pervert” in Tomorrow belongs to us, explains Allociné. Thus, the two doctors will fight and William will even be very threatening. Indeed, Samuel will learn that he is hiding something and William will press him against the wall and tell him not to say anything …


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