Tomorrow belongs to us: responsible for Franck’s death?


Franck was killed recently in Tomorrow belongs to us. Sandrine will be suspected of murder and her alibi will not hold water.

Sandrine thought for a long time that Franck was not honest in Tomorrow belongs to us. Morgana’s brother was killed and she could well go to jail for murder. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Sandrine, soon in prison in Tomorrow belongs to us? Several weeks ago, Franck entered Sète. Morgane’s brother gave many gifts to those close to him, but was not unanimous. If he managed to charm Morgane and Anne-Marie, Sandrine has always had great doubts about him.

So, very quickly, Arthur’s mother started to investigate Franck and thought she saw him carrying a body. She has since become convinced that the man killed his ex-wife in order to collect life insurance. Not to mention that Franck got very close to Anne Marie and drugged her in order to get her to sign papers.

Sandrine found herself alone against everyone in this story. Morgane refused to believe that her brother was dangerous and Anne-Marie also turned her back on him. However, Aurore and Anna set out to investigate the man and soon found out that he is not being honest in Tomorrow is ours.

While Morgane also began to believe that her brother is dangerous, Franck wanted to leave the villa as soon as possible. He broke up with Anne-Marie and left her devastated. A little later, Franck was found dead in his house and the police will therefore have to open an investigation.


In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, Aurore, Georges and Karim will have to investigate Franck’s murder. Sandrine and Anne-Marie could be the main suspects in this case. Thus, the police will have to question the CPE which will remain very vague on its schedule. Worse yet, she will lie.

Sandrine will ensure that she was in high school when Franck’s murder took place. However, Aurore and the others will discover that she was no longer there. Not to mention that Sandrine will have a red stain on one of her jackets and will hasten to make it disappear. So what is she hiding?

Sandrine will quickly find herself in custody in the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. She will call on Virginie to defend her and the latter will want to know everything about her schedule. Arthur’s mother will refuse to tell him everything, but will eventually give in, because she will know she is in danger. “Alright, I’ll tell you all about it,” she said.

Sandrine may well have lost her temper in the face of Franck and everything suggests that she assaulted him. Indeed, shortly before her death, Morgana’s brother had violently attacked Arthur and strangled him. However, Anne-Marie was also able to murder him, heartbroken and tired after their separation.


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