Tomorrow belongs to us: Renaud loses a patient


Renaud will soon panic at the hospital in Tomorrow belongs to us. A patient will escape and the doctor will be beside himself.

Renaud may well be at the heart of a new storyline in Tomorrow belongs to us. One of his patients will flee and the doctor will be very evasive with Marianne. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

But what is Renaud hiding in Tomorrow belongs to us? The character arrived a few years ago in Sète and very quickly forged links with Marianne. And for good reason, he was the head of the hospital for a long time and therefore worked with the mother of Chloe and Anna. The two characters quickly approached.

Renaud and Marianne have been in a relationship for a long time and everything seems to be going well for them. Besides, the doctor behaves like a true gentleman with Judith’s grandmother. He was notably there when the latter was harassed a few months ago in the soap opera.

Since then, Renaud and Marianne have been married in Tomorrow belongs to us. They seem to spin the perfect love and Renaud has found his place within the Delcourt family. He gets along very well with Alex and always comes off as a very close friend. Renaud is therefore a true role model and is straightforward in his work.

However, the doctor will soon find himself at the heart of an intrigue. Indeed, he will suddenly lose a patient and will be in a panic. However, he will refuse to discuss it with Marianne and will be very evasive. Enough to ask many questions about the identity of the patient …


Renaud has always worked very well in the hospital and is respected by everyone. Still, he could make a big mistake in the sequel to Tomorrow is ours. TF1 has just released an excerpt from an upcoming episode. We find Renaud there, on the phone and very angry.

Renaud will discover that a patient has run away from the clinic and will not understand how it could have happened. “Did you let a patient fly into the wild ?!” he said irritably. The patient in question will escape from the clinic after a power failure. Renaud will lose control.

“Did you notify the police?” He will say. Renaud will be devastated to learn that one of his patients ran away without taking her medication. So, is it dangerous? We suspect that the patient was in the psychiatry section of the clinic. “You must find her”, he will say insisting.

Then, at the same time, Marianne will enter Renaud’s office in Tomorrow belongs to us. She will realize that her husband is very upset and will want to know the reasons for it. Nevertheless, Renaud will not want to say anything to Marianne and will be very evasive. Marianne might know the person who escaped …


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