Tomorrow belongs to us: Renaud and Marianne, couple?


Tomorrow belongs to us, it is above all full of love. The story of Renaud and Marianne is really intriguing. They would be in a relationship since college.

Tomorrow belongs to us is a great success. His love stories are not for nothing. Moreover, the couple of Renaud and Marianne interests a lot. The two lovebirds could well be in love since college.

Since the broadcast of the first episode, Tomorrow Belongs to Us has attracted many viewers. It must be said that with such a scenario, the fans can only be hooked.

And yes, followers of love and mysteries love the series. Indeed, the suspense is at its height for all viewers. Something to delight fans of suspense therefore.

But that’s not all. Tomorrow belongs to us, it’s all about great love stories. In fact, that’s what keeps all the fans in suspense.

Indeed, nothing ever goes as planned in the series. Thus, the fans attend to beautiful declarations but also to hard ruptures. In short, everything seems to come together to seduce viewers.

It’s Renaud and Marianne’s turn to intrigue you all the fans. Tomorrow belongs to us could therefore hold great surprises. Once again, the writers put the small dishes in the big ones then.

Thus, it seems that the two lovers have actually been in a relationship since college.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Renaud and Marianne as a couple since college?


Renaud and Marianne’s love story is talked about a lot in Tomorrow belongs to us. It must be said that the two lovebirds are often noticed.

Moreover, in Sète nothing can escape the inhabitants. Thus, Lydie has many doubts about the past of the couple. It must be said that she has already had mishaps with the latter.

She then thinks that Renaud had an affair with Marianne at the time of their marriage. Yet another twist in Tomorrow belongs to us. Ouch!

So, she asks Sofia for help. The young woman is therefore researching the web. In a very short time she then manages to find clues. So everything seems to be speeding up in Tomorrow is ours.

The two women then come across a blog from the couple’s college years. And bad luck, Renaud and Marianne appear kissing. So it’s a cold shower for Lydie.

So she says, “That means he lied to everyone like always. Things are getting more complicated.

Lydie then asks Sofia to print this photo. She will then send him on her phone. The sequel promises to be very explosive. The couple will therefore be surprised to learn what the two women have discovered.

What will she do with this proof? So she might be planning a turnaround in Tomorrow is Our Own. To be continued.


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