Tomorrow belongs to us: Morgana escaped from prisoner


In the series Tomorrow belongs to us, Morgane gets rid of a person who made her live a real hell. Please note, the article contains spoilers! In the next episode of the Tomorrow belongs to us series, Morgane and Justine will learn some very good news in prison.

In the Tomorrow is Us series, Morgane thought she would never get away with it. Indeed, the young woman is going through hell as she finds herself locked behind bars.

And for good reason, Sandrine’s sweetheart has a hard time adjusting to life in prison. But the one who was a man before she transitioned has just learned some very good news.

As an extract from TF1 reveals, Justine returns to her cell with a smile on her face. Morgane (Marie Catrix), intrigued, asks him: “I have the impression that this ride has done you good. ”

What Justine replies in the negative. “And it’s not because of the ride. »So Morgane’s fellow inmate doesn’t bother to cultivate the mystery any longer.

“The warden, she will be transferred to another wing of the prison,” she says, very proud to announce this news to him. And the least we can say is that Justine is “sure” of it. “The girls were just talking about this earlier,” she adds.

So it didn’t take much longer for Morgana to breathe a sigh of relief in Tomorrow belongs to us. “Oh damn, I can’t believe it …” It just goes to show that anything can happen in Sète!

Tomorrow belongs to us_ Morgana freed from the grip of an inmate


Leaning against the mezzanine bed, Morgane tries to come to her senses. It must be said that in Tomorrow belongs to us, the young woman lived through it green and unripe.

So, she expected only one thing: to be left alone. Has his time come? “It means we won’t see her again,” she asked. “Is she going to stop spoiling my life?” ”

So, Justine wants to reassure her. “It’s over Morgane. It’s thanks to you. But Morgane doesn’t want to believe that she was behind her departure. “No, it’s thanks to Sandrine”, she corrects.

Then she specifies: “She had a meeting with the director. Honestly, I thought he would get it formally. But I didn’t think it would work. ”

So, Justine and Morgane are really grateful to him. “Bah… She really worked!“, Notes her fellow inmate. Besides, his partner wouldn’t be the only one to save his life. Another member of her family would have helped her.

“In my opinion, the posters that your son stuck in Sète had its small effect too. He outright alerted everyone, ”Justine remarks. It feels so good to know that you’ve got rid of this rot. »Case to follow in Tomorrow belongs to us!


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