Tomorrow belongs to us: Manon declares her love to Isam!


Isam recently arrived in Tomorrow belongs to us. Manon and Betty have fallen for the young man and do everything to seduce him.

Isam arrived a few days ago in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young man was very well received in Sète and Manon seems to have feelings for him. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

There is love in the air in Tomorrow belongs to us. A few days ago, Isam put his bags in Sète. The young man lives with Anna and Karim and is very ill. He has a malformation in his heart and needs to have the operation as soon as possible. Thus, he came to France thanks to Anna in order to seek treatment as quickly as possible.

However, Isam has no insurance and the operation is very expensive. Anna scrambles to save the son of a man she met in the Maghreb. She is very maternal with the young man and takes great care of him. In fact, she agreed to let Isam go to class in order to clear his mind.

Isam very quickly managed to integrate with Sète and met Judith, Sofia, Manon and Betty. The young man played table football with Betty and Christelle’s daughter is in love with him. So she didn’t hesitate to ask Charlie for advice so that she could get closer to him. Yet she faces competition …

Betty isn’t the only one who has a crush on Isam in Tomorrow is Ours. Manon, Sofia’s sister, also has his sights on him and is very caring. In fact, she will step up a gear in the sequel to the TF1 soap opera.


Betty and Manon are shy and have a hard time expressing themselves when facing Isam in Tomorrow belongs to us. As for Anna’s little protégé, he thinks only of taking care of his health while awaiting the operation. Nevertheless, he could soon have feelings for Manon. Indeed, the young girl will have a plan to approach him.

As an extract from TF1 reveals, Manon will decide to accompany Isam to his home at the end of high school. The young man will gladly accept and will learn that the young girl knows the actions to adopt in the event of a tachycardia attack. This goes by the way very impressed Isam.

Isam will think that Manon wants to do medicine like her father in Tomorrow belongs to us “It is not medicine that interests me”, she will tell him embarrassed. Isam will be somewhat lost and Manon will eventually confess that she has learned everything to get closer to him.

He is going to have a hard time finding the words in the face of Manon’s revelations. So the young girl will kiss him before running away. Isam may well be shaken up a bit and could get a little closer to Manon in the rest of the series. Unless he has feelings for Betty … To Be Continued!


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