Tomorrow belongs to us: Lydie has been abducted!


Lydie recently arrived in Sète in Tomorrow belongs to us. Marianne and Renaud will do everything to keep him away from Samuel.

Lydia escaped from a mental hospital a few days ago in Tomorrow belongs to us. Renaud will do everything to get his ex-wife back to HP and ask Marianne for help. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Renaud ready to do anything to keep Lydie away from Samuel? A few days ago, Martin found himself at the heart of a big intrigue in Tomorrow belongs to us. The policeman was the victim of a stunt and was suspected of murdering Danielli. So he did everything to prove his innocence.

Chloe got into a bad situation in the TF1 soap opera. She helped Martin into hiding while all the police were after him. Xavier, the new prosecutor, has discovered everything and is very disappointed with Chloe. He felt betrayed by his new sweetheart and decided to break up with her.

Then, in addition to this story, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us can experience a new plot. Renaud received a call from a mental hospital and learned terrible news. His ex-wife Lydie has escaped and has recently been in Sète. She wasted no time in making contact with Samuel.

Samuel is furious that his father has not told him the whole truth about Lydia. He wonders if he could have been a better man growing up with a mother. However, Renaud keeps warning him and assures him that Lydie is dangerous. Samuel’s mother is schizophrenic and tried to kill him as a kid.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Lydie kidnapped by Renaud and Marianne!


Renaud absolutely wants Lydie to return to a psychiatric hospital because she is no longer taking treatment. For his part, Samuel refuses to be separated from his mother again and therefore does everything to protect her. He wants to get to know her and doesn’t think for a second that she is dangerous.

In fact, Lydie is going to take tests and see a psychologist in the Tomorrow belongs to us suite. She will succeed in manipulating the shrink and the doctor will ensure that she is clear-headed and not schizophrenic. Samuel will therefore be very angry with Renaud and will not want him to ruin his life.

Thus, in an excerpt from TF1 in a future episode, Marianne will agree to help Renaud intern Lydie. She will believe in her husband and will therefore come up with a plan to arrest the woman. Marianne will drug Lydie and lead her to a car where Renaud will be waiting for her. “You set me up,” she said.

Renaud will finally be able to bring Lydie back to a psychiatric hospital and will be sure of his luck. “This is the only solution,” he tells Marianne. However, Chloe’s mother will feel very bad for forcing Lydie to be interned again. We suspect that the latter will not be long in warning Samuel in Tomorrow belongs to us …


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