Tomorrow belongs to us: Lydie confronts Renaud’s past!


Renaud’s past resurfaces in Demain belongs to us. His ex-wife ran away from a psychiatric hospital and is back in Sète.

Renaud finds himself at the heart of a new plot in Tomorrow belongs to us. His ex-wife Lydie has run away from the mental hospital and is very dangerous. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

But what has happened to Renaud these past few days in Tomorrow belongs to us? The Doctor came into the soap a few years ago and always had a very good demeanor. In fact, he is much loved by his colleagues and has long been the director of the Sète hospital. Then, he is in a relationship with Marianne.

Marianne and Renaud are a very beautiful couple and got married recently. After the assault on Chloe’s mother, the doctor did everything to support her and make her smile. So, he had organized a beautiful surprise wedding ceremony. What particularly touched his sweetheart.

Samuel’s father hides some secrets in Tomorrow belongs to us. Fans know little about his past. However, it is known that the doctor has not been much to his son in the past. Then he broke up with Samuel’s mother many years ago. Yet the fans never saw him.

A few days ago, Renaud learned some bad news. A woman he knows well has escaped from a mental hospital. The doctor was very upset and did everything he could to find her as soon as possible. Yet this person has landed in Sète and is none other than Lydie … his ex-wife.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Lydie facing the heavy past of her ex Renaud!

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Lydie will disturb Renaud’s life in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us. First, the doctor is going to lie to Marianne in order to hide her old love affair with Lydia. However, Lydia will mostly get in touch with Samuel in an attempt to reconnect with her son, whom she has not seen for years.

Samuel is going to be very angry with his father in the next few episodes. He questioned his childhood and wondered if he could have been a better man growing up with a mother. However, Renaud will warn his son several times against Lydie. For him, his ex-wife is very dangerous.

Renaud will want to call the police in order to intern Lydie in Tomorrow belongs to us. Marianne will dissuade him, because she will be afraid that he will ruin her relationship with Samuel forever. Lydie will stay with Samuel for a while and will be shocked to see that Renaud wanted to put her back in HP.

“He landed yesterday with two nurses. He wanted to forcibly intern me, “she told a friend. Lydie’s friend will want to be revolted and think that Renaud wants to “harass” her and “destroy her life”. Samuel will do everything to protect his mother and Lydie will want to trust him. “It will not be enough Lydia”, said her friend in an extract. So, did Renaud really tell Samuel everything? Looks like he’s still hiding something …


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