Tomorrow belongs to us: Karim very happy to find Lucie!


Tomorrow belongs to us will accelerate this week. What to delight the fans then. Moreover, Karim seems very happy to find Lucie.

Tomorrow belongs to us continues to hold its fans in suspense. The tension is therefore rising. Now it’s Karim’s turn to talk. He seems very happy to find the beautiful Lucie.

Every evening, the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us are present at the rendezvous. It must be said that they are eager to discover the rest of the adventures in Sète. Eh yes !

Indeed, viewers seem very attached to the characters of the series. They love to follow their life. Thus, the series is a great success. No wonder then.

Between mysteries, loves and secrets, Tomorrow belongs to us seems to have understood everything. And lately, the writers have put the small dishes in the big ones. Something to delight fans of suspense therefore.

Moreover, this week everything will accelerate. And since nothing ever goes as planned in Tomorrow is Ours, fans are unlikely to be disappointed. The tension is therefore at its height.

But Tomorrow belongs to us, it is also tender times. The characters therefore form great friendships or even develop beautiful love stories.

Thus, Lucie’s return does not go unnoticed. And for good reason, even if some are reluctant, Karim is delighted to see the pretty blonde again.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Karim very happy to find Lucie!



Lucie has been talked about a lot lately in Tomorrow belongs to us. It must be said that his abrupt departure was noticed. What to intrigue all the inhabitants of Sète then.

Indeed, after two years of absence, the young woman has made her comeback in the series. And the fans are therefore delighted.

And yet, the young woman does not return for very good news. Indeed, she is back following the death of a loved one. Ouch!

So, Lucie gathered at her grave. But that’s not all. Upon her return, the young woman was able to discover her replacement. And this meeting was explosive.

In short, Lucie’s return has changed everything in Tomorrow belongs to us. And things are not about to end.

Besides, in the next episode she will find the handsome Karim. She then joins Georges and discusses her best friend.

George then explains that the latter is not ready to forgive him. It must be said that Lucie disappeared overnight for no reason. Besides, she asks the handsome brunette to help her settle the situation with Victoire.

At the same time, Karim arrives. He is then very surprised to discover the ghost. He says, “Where have you been all this time? But what are you doing here? Are you back in Sète? ”

Lucie then replies: “For a few weeks, we’ll see. So the young woman could still surprise everyone in Tomorrow belongs to us. To be continued.


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