Tomorrow belongs to us: Jules deception caught?


In Tomorrow belongs to us, the flagship series of TF1, Jules could well be caught in the act of deception! We tell you everything!

Jules could well be caught in the act of deception in the next episode of Tomorrow belongs to us!

Tomorrow belongs to us is the flagship series of TF1. Yes, in 3 years, the soap opera has established itself as the channel’s benchmark for series. Indeed, every evening, many viewers follow the adventures of our favorite characters. Crazy, right?

In fact, Tomorrow Belongs to Us is so successful that the series even has its own spin-off. Yes, Here Everything Begins, which follows the adventures of former DNA characters, has been airing for a few weeks now on TF1. Very cool !

At the same time, the characters of Here It All Begins, just like those of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, are truly endearing!

Besides, we are a little worried about Noor and Julien. Yep, the couple are floundering a bit. And for good reason: Noor discovered that Julien had downloaded a dating app!

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!


In Tomorrow belongs to us, the couple formed by Noor and Julien encounter some difficulties.

And for good reason: in the next episode of the series, Noor realizes that Julien has downloaded a dating app!

Indeed, while the couple are chatting on the sofa, Julien receives a notification from the app. Panicked, the young man tries to hide his cell phone, but Noor has seen it all!

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Confused, he assures her that this app only requires him to track people from high school.

Disappointed and angry with her boyfriend, Noor doesn’t want to hear anything. Convinced that he is cheating on her, so she kicks him out! Ouch!

Will the couple manage to explain themselves in the next episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us?

In any case, we’re crossing our fingers!


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