Tomorrow belongs to us: Isam confesses his feelings!


Isam recently arrived in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young man will finally confess his feelings to Manon.

Isam has capsized Manon’s heart since her arrival in Tomorrow belongs to us. The teen is finally going to confess his feelings to her just before his operation. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Isam, finally ready to open his heart to Manon in Tomorrow belongs to us? A few days ago, the young man arrived in S├Ęte and Anna took him under her wing. The journalist knows the teenager very well as he was the son of her driver when she was in the Maghreb. So she agreed to help him and is very caring for him.

Isam has a heart problem and needs to have the operation as soon as possible. He came to France in order to have a chance, to get out but the operation is very expensive and he has no health insurance. So Anna scrambled to find a solution and the young man should be out of the woods soon.

While waiting for D-Day, Isam goes to class and has met Betty, Judith, Manon and Sofia. He gets along very well with them and seems to be having great success. Indeed, Betty has a soft spot for him and has asked Charlie for help in flirting with him. However, she is not the only one since Manon also has a crush on Isam.

Manon had a first date with Isam in Tomorrow belongs to us. She wanted to do too much and didn’t stay on her own. Not to mention that Charlie tried to sabotage their date. Nevertheless, Manon managed to take her courage in both hands and kissed her.

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At the end of high school, Manon accompanied Isam home in Tomorrow belongs to us. William’s daughter confessed to him that she had feelings for him and kissed him. Nonetheless, she ran away before Isam could even say anything. Thus, the young man has a hard time knowing what to do.

Isam is in love with Manon and will prove it in the next episode. The young man will have another attack of tachycardia and Anna will drive him to the hospital. His condition will continue to worsen, but Renaud will have some good news for them. Isam will be able to have the surgery sooner than planned and he will be doing the surgery.

Shortly after, Isam will receive a visit from Betty in Tomorrow belongs to us. Manon will arrive in her turn and will be embarrassed. She will feel like she is too much and choose to leave the room. However, Isam will catch up with her in the halls of the hospital and will kiss her … under William’s puzzled gaze!

Isam will finally tell Manon that he loves her very much and the two young people could get together. However, William will still have to remind his daughter that Isam may be returning home in the coming weeks. He won’t want his child to be heartbroken …


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