Tomorrow belongs to us: is Manon ready to go to Tunisia?


Isam recently arrived in Sète in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young man had an operation and will soon be returning to his country.

Isam arrived a few weeks ago in Sète in Tomorrow belongs to us. Anna’s little protégé has had surgery and should be home soon. Yet he became attached to Manon. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Manon ready to run away for love in Tomorrow belongs to us? A few weeks ago, Anna wanted to help her driver’s son when she was in the Maghreb. Isam had serious health concerns and had to undergo the operation as soon as possible so as not to die. So he tried his luck in France.

Anna quickly realized that Isam’s condition was very worrying. However, Karim’s sweetheart did everything to help him and even asked Marianne and Renaud to operate on Isam. Eventually, the doctors were able to come to an agreement so that the young man would not have to find a way to finance the expensive operation.

While waiting for D-Day, Isam met Manon in high school. He soon fell under her spell and the two teens ended up kissing. It was with some clumsiness that Sofia’s sister declared her love for him. Nonetheless, Isam ended up proving to her that he really cares about her and they have been dating recently.

Manon therefore conquered Isam’s heart in Tomorrow belongs to us. However, the young man has finally been able to have the operation and is doing much better. Thus, everything suggests that he will soon be leaving Sète in order to return home. This may well break the heart of Manon, who will try to find a solution.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Manon ready to go with Isam to Tunisia?


Isam is now out of danger in Tomorrow is ours. He can therefore be relieved and will be able to start a whole new life. However, in Sète, he mostly found love and does not want to go home. Thus, the young man will do everything to delay his departure as much as possible.

In a TF1 excerpt from a future episode, Isam will meet Manon in high school. He will be very annoyed and tell her that his family is looking forward to him. “I have two more hospital appointments. Suddenly, I will take the opportunity to delay as much as possible, “he said to Manon. However, he will not be able to postpone his departure indefinitely.

“I have no choice, I have no say,” the young man will confide to his darling. Isam’s departure therefore seems imminent in Tomorrow belongs to us and it will hurt Manon a lot. Besides, Sofia’s sister will do anything to stay with him, even if it means running away.

“I don’t care, if you go I will come and meet you in Tunisia even if my parents try to stop me,” she said. Isam will however try to explain to her that her mother will quickly find her. Then, Manon will mostly need the money if she wants to take the boat. “I will come swimming” she will say, laughing. Manon seems ready for anything for love!


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