Tomorrow belongs to us: Hector Langevin in his relationship


Fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us follow a new storyline about Bart. Actor Hector Langevin is in a relationship with a model.

Hector Langevin has been playing Bart for several years in Tomorrow belongs to us. The actor is very happy as a couple and recently appeared with a model.

Bart’s interpreter is a couple in real life! Hector Langevin made his mark several years ago in the TF1 soap opera Tomorrow belongs to us. The actor has put himself in the shoes of Bart, Flore’s son, for several years. In fact, fans can follow a new storyline about this character.

Bart has experienced many romantic disappointments on the show. So fans find it hard to see him as a couple and everyone wonders if he will ever find true love. However, his new employee, Louise, seems to have been turning his head for several days.

So, fans can follow the new romance between Bart and Louise. This is already shaping up to be very complicated since the young woman has two children and recently lost her restaurant due to Covid-19. So her life is very hectic and she is afraid of losing her job if it doesn’t work out with Bart.

In any case, the public is very happy to see the character of Hector Langevin as a couple in Tomorrow belongs to us. For his part, the actor has nothing to envy his character since he is also in a relationship and has not chosen just anyone!


Hector Langevin is discreet about his private life and shares very little on social networks. Still, the 24-year-old actor seems to have been enjoying the perfect love for several months. Indeed, not long ago, he showed up in the mountains enjoying the snow. He was not alone as he struck a pose with his sweetheart.

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The interpreter of Bart in Tomorrow belongs to us spent a few days in the mountains with his girlfriend, who is none other than Berenice Derosi. So, he struck a pose with her on Instagram and is very close to her. Not to mention that he left a little comment that says it all. “In love”. Thus, the actor confirms that he is no longer a heart to take, much to the chagrin of the fans.

So who is this Berenice Derosi? The young woman is a model as well as an actress. Fans may have seen her several times already as she is a columnist on THE LIVE, produced by Hector Langevin, echoes Télé-Loisirs. On the other hand, you may have guessed that this is how they met.

The Tomorrow Belongs actor seems to take this story very seriously. In any case, Berenice Derosi is very much in love with him and does not hide it on Instagram. “If I had to live my life again, I would make sure I found you sooner so that I could love you longer,” she said. A beautiful declaration of love that is likely to move everyone.


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