Tomorrow belongs to us: Georges’ mother is coming soon!


Georges is at its worst since the Urbex expedition. Her mother will arrive to lend a hand to Victoire in Tomorrow belongs to us.

Georges is not doing well and is having a hard time coping with her handicap in Tomorrow belongs to us. Her mother will be arriving soon to help Victoire and boost her spirits. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

A few weeks ago, Georges agreed to do Urbex with Victoire, Ulysse, Sasha, Clémentine and Amanda in Tomorrow belongs to us. The cave had collapsed and the figures had to stay underground for several days.

In addition, a rock fell on Georges’ leg and the policeman was in dire straits. So, Victoire tried to free him and even had to operate urgently in order to save him. Her darling has yet had sepsis and seems to have a problem with her leg.

Victoire must have severed a nerve in Georges’ leg in Tomorrow belongs to us. Thus, he can no longer walk properly and needs crutches. The policeman rehabilitates Amanda, but finds it hard to come to terms with the situation.

Thus, for days, he has been obnoxious to Victoire and accuses her of being responsible for her handicap. The doctor begins to crack and can no longer bear Georges’s moods.


In the upcoming episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Mona, Georges’ mother will arrive in Sète. She will be very happy to see her “big boy” again and will be delighted to be able to spend time with her son and Victoire. Mona is very close to Georges and wants to support him.

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Nevertheless, Georges is not going to warn Victoire of the arrival of her mother and the doctor will fall destitute. This could cause even more tension in the couple… or even a breakup! Indeed, Georges once told her sweetheart that he would never be able to forgive her for bringing her to the cave.

Catherine Benguigui is going to put herself in Mona’s shoes in Tomorrow belongs to us, explains Télé Star. The actress appeared several years ago in the H series on Canal +. In the TF1 series, she will embody a “cheerful and dynamic woman, who is very positive in life”, echoes the media.

Finally, for the moment, nobody knows how long the actress will stay in the soap opera of TF1. Thus, it could be that Catherine Benguigui becomes a recurring actress, if the fans fall for her character.


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