Tomorrow belongs to us: Georges flees Victoire once again!


Very soon, Georges’ mother will be arriving in Tomorrow belongs to us. The policeman will leave Victoire aside.

Georges is at his worst since he came out of the cave and continues to attack Victoire. In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, his mother will arrive and he will abandon his darling. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

A few days ago, Victoire wanted to do Urbex with Ulysses and brought Georges with her in Tomorrow belongs to us. However, the adventure turned into a tragedy as the cave collapsed and a rock fell on the policeman’s leg.

Georges was stuck for several days and Victoire had to operate in the cave to save his leg. Still, she might have cut one of his nerves because he can’t walk like he used to.

The policeman has crutches and risks limping all his life in Tomorrow belongs to us. So he finds it hard to come to terms with the idea and resents Victoire a lot. For days, the young man has been obnoxious with his companion.

In the rest of the series, Georges will ask his mother to come to Sète. He will completely abandon Victoire and the doctor will have had enough of this situation.


Mona, Georges’ mother, played by Catherine Benguigui will soon land in Sète. She will be very close to her son and will do anything to help him turn the page. Nevertheless, unwittingly, she risks causing the break-up of her son and of Victoire …

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Tomorrow belongs to us: Georges' mother is coming soon!

In a TF1 excerpt from an upcoming episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, Victoire will come home from work with lots of vegetables. She will want to cook for her darling to please him, but will learn bad news.

Indeed, Georges and Mona will have other projects in mind. Georges’ mother is going to want to bring her son to the restaurant to eat oysters. An uncomfortable situation for Victoire, who felt increasingly neglected.

“I must take advantage of my son, I never see him,” said Mona. Victoire will be shocked to see that Georges did not warn her in advance. Then, she will find herself all alone and may have a bad evening in Tomorrow belongs to us. So, will he end up breaking up? Case to follow!


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