Tomorrow belongs to us: Georges faces evidence!


Sandrine has been lying for several days about Franck’s death in Tomorrow belongs to us. She could soon be arrested.

Sandrine no longer knows how to prove her innocence in Tomorrow belongs to us. Besides, very soon, George will find compromising evidence against Victoire’s mother. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Will Sandrine end up in prison? A few weeks ago, Franck made his entry into Sète and seduced his relatives with his many gifts. However, Morgane’s brother did not make a good impression on Sandrine, who quickly became suspicious of him. And for good reason, she thinks he’s a killer.

The principal saw Franck transporting a body one evening in Tomorrow belongs to us. Since then, she has been investigating him and discovered that his ex-wife committed suicide after opening numerous life insurance policies. Thus, Franck’s fortune comes largely from the death of his wife.

Sandrine was very afraid for those around her and thought that Franck was angry with Anne-Marie. In love with him, and especially drugged, his mother gave Franck access to his accounts. Still, the game seemed to have turned against the businessman as Morgana came to understand his shenanigans.

Thus, shortly after wanting to flee, Franck was found dead at his home in Tomorrow belongs to us. Since then, Sandrine has found herself suspected of murder and she seems to be hiding many secrets. In addition, the evidence will continue to accumulate and George may soon find out.


Sandrine lied about her schedule and Aurore and Martin know it well. Thus, they did not hesitate to take her into police custody so that she confesses to Franck’s murder. Yet Arthur’s mother doesn’t give way and continue to proclaim her innocence. Nonetheless, she doesn’t seem really honest.

Sandrine may not have killed Franck, but she is complicit in the murder in Tomorrow belongs to us. It looks like she’s protecting Morgana, and the two women eventually got rid of the gun. However, the police will soon find her and Georges will make a new discovery.

In the following Tomorrow belongs to us, a delivery man will go to Georges to return Sandrine’s coat to him. He will apologize and explain that the dry cleaners couldn’t do anything to remove the bloodstain. The policeman will therefore end up understanding that Victoire’s mother is indeed involved in the murder.

But then, is George going to give this new proof to the police? He may well decide to endanger his career in order to protect Victoire’s family. Indeed, the latter is very much in love with her and adores Sandrine. Besides, from the start, he had a hard time seeing her guilty of the murder …


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