Tomorrow belongs to us: Georges about to move?


Georges has a terrible grudge against Victoire in Tomorrow belongs to us. The policeman could decide to move in the next episodes.

Georges cannot recover from his tragedy in the cave in Tomorrow belongs to us. The policeman is angry with Victoire and could decide to move. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

A few weeks ago in Tomorrow belongs to us, Georges did Urbex with Victoire and Ulysse, but the adventure turned into a tragedy. The cave collapsed and the figures had to stay underground for days.

In addition, a rock fell on Georges’ leg and Georges could not move. Victoire had to have an emergency operation because he was in great pain and was about to lose his leg. Nonetheless, it appears that she cut a nerve unintentionally.

Georges is out of the cave, but the policeman will never be able to walk as before in Tomorrow belongs to us. He is on crutches and needs rehabilitation. Aurore’s colleague is having a hard time accepting the situation and is angry with Victoire.

So, for days now, he has been odious towards her and cannot stand her anymore. Roommating is difficult and Victoire feels increasingly left out. In addition, next week, Georges will want to move.


Georges and Victoire are in crisis in Tomorrow belongs to us. Nothing goes between the two characters and Victoire can no longer bear the attitude of her beloved. So, in the next episodes, they will argue and the policeman will think about moving.

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Georges will want to leave the roommate and leave Victoire behind. A rift grows between the two characters and everything suggests that they will go their separate ways soon. In addition to wanting to move, Georges will call on his mother, Mona.

Next week, in Tomorrow belongs to us, Georges’s mother will be arriving at the roommate. She is going to take Anna’s room and will do everything to spend as much time as possible with her son. Victoire is not going to take this very favorably and will feel more and more helpless.

So, is Georges going to try to find a new apartment with his mother? In any case, the two characters will not be reconciled right away. For her part, Victoire could decide in turn to leave and let her darling manage with Mona …


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