Tomorrow belongs to us: Gabriel ready to protect Morgana


In an excerpt from Tomorrow Belongs to Us unveiled on MyTF1, we can see that Gabriel seems ready to do anything to protect Morgane

Like every week, there are many twists and turns in Tomorrow belongs to us. Charlie and Gabriel, for example, will take revenge on the matonne who hurts Morgana in prison while Chloe will have to digest her recent divorce.

One more step, by the way, for Ingrid Chauvin. Indeed, since being in the TF1 series, the actress has seen many changes with her character. Developments that are sometimes difficult to digest when you become too attached to your role.

For this, the series Tomorrow belongs to us had called on a coach to help the actors “forget their past” in the series. This is Julien Masdoua, also an actor in Un si grand soleil. At the microphone of Téléstar, he explained:

“I mainly worked with Ingrid Chauvin, Maud Baecker. And Samy Gharbi. My role was to find little tips to make them grow. On Tomorrow belongs to us, we can be at the heart of a dramatic arch for three months. ”

Before adding: “To end up in jail. And resume a completely normal life two weeks later. As if this event was digested. My job was to help the actors integrate small details into their acting. So that the audience understood the emotions they were going through. ”

Speaking of prison, Morgane is indeed there in Tomorrow belongs to us and has been living hell there for several episodes now.

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Blame it on an annoying matonne who makes her life difficult. But the young woman can count on the support of her son Gabriel and her friend Charlie. The latter, deciding to take revenge on the tyrant in their own way.

In any case, this is what we can see in the excerpt from Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast on MyTF1. The two friends, putting up posters of Morgane’s executioner in the street, near his home. On which it is written: “I am cruel and I do not love anyone. ”

We can see that the two had fun making a montage of the matonne and placing her head on a dog. Gabriel and Charlie were not really at peace at the time of their “joke”. Stress invades them.

Indeed, at the slightest passer-by who disembarks, the two flee as if they had committed a crime. Despite everything, it is true that posting a matonne could only bring them good things. Especially if they were caught hand in the bag.

But Charlie reminds his friend that it is for his mother that they are doing this. It didn’t take the young man any less to smile again and put up new posters. It remains to be seen how this discovery will be interpreted by the matonne in Tomorrow belongs to us.


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