Tomorrow belongs to us: Franck soon died the soap opera


Toutelatele just teaser what will happen in Tomorrow belongs to us during the week. Franck is in bad shape

This is a decisive week for the Lazzari and Franck clan. The latter, suspected by many characters of Tomorrow has been ours for a few episodes. Indeed, a ring belonging to Noé de Cotrières, found at his home, would have aroused many suspicions.

In addition, the man’s behavior towards Sandrine suggests that he wants to harm her. He is even believed to be responsible for the car accident she suffered some time ago. But it was especially the moment when he went to the hospital room of his “victim” that suspicion arose in earnest.

Indeed, if Victoire had not been there, something bad might have happened in Tomorrow belongs to us. Since Victoire discovered her mother scared in front of Franck. He was subsequently ordered to leave the scene immediately and asked the police to investigate the man and his intentions.

The police therefore sought to find out more about Franck. In particular, knowing where he was at the time of Sandrine’s car accident. Well, to say the least, his alibi wasn’t turning out to be concrete.

Since he included Anne-Marie in it and the woman couldn’t remember spending time with him on that famous night for a second … Getting the grip on the character of Tomorrow is up to us.


The end of Franck could therefore quickly come. Hers or Sandrine’s. Either way, you understand that one of them is expected to die in the next few episodes. If the former turns out to be the series’ killer, fans are hoping to see him perish.

But it still takes some proof before we know if he really remains responsible for the final horrors of Tomorrow is ours. The latest being the fact that Franck keeps Anne-Marie away from his daughter Sandrine …

A very strange gesture which only reinforces our doubts about it. Why wouldn’t he want his mother to see her daughter? Is he afraid of her revealing certain things to him? Could his identity be revealed?

These are all questions that we ask ourselves and to which we should have answers during the week. Since the outcome of this story of Tomorrow belongs to us, could be done in the coming days.


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