Tomorrow belongs to us: Feeling guilty of Franck’s death!


In tonight’s episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Morgane will bid farewell to Franck, alongside her son as well as Sandrine.

In the January 19 episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Franck Guého, who turned out to be a con artist and a murderer, was found dead. News that seems to affect Morgane, his sister a lot.

With the death of Franck, found unconscious, the plot dedicated to the Lazzari-Guého clan takes an unexpected turn. Indeed, for several weeks, Sandrine had done everything to unmask her brother-in-law. She suspected him of being a con artist and a murderer.

We expected then that Franck would end up in prison. However, the authors of Tomorrow Belongs to Us preferred to redistribute the cards since the villain in the story was ultimately murdered.

Fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us are now wondering who is to blame. And everything suggests that he is a star character in the soap opera.


Some fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us suspect Morgane. Indeed, the latter was very close to Franck, who had always been there for her. He had partially supported her during her transition.

Faced with the accusations brought by Sandrine, the young woman had initially refused to conceive for a single moment that her brother could be a murderer.

But then she finally decided to listen to Sandrine and found out that her brother may have been responsible for the suicide of at least two of his ex-girlfriends.

During a one-on-one meeting with him at the Spoon, the man had finally revealed his true face. Morgane could therefore have let her anger and her disappointment speak, to the point of killing Franck. In any event, this hypothesis would change the future of the Sandrine-Morgane couple.

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But in the next episode, the deceased’s sister will be very saddened. Accompanied by Sandrine and Gabriel, she is going to spread her brother’s ashes to the sea. “The sea washes everything,” exclaims Morgane in order to justify the place of the funeral.

“I blame myself for being so emotional. After all the harm that Franck has done to us, especially to you, I don’t feel like I have the right to mourn him, “she says. For her part, Sandrine tries to console her: “Despite everything that may have happened, it was your brother, your family. And he’s always been there for you. You have the right to be sad. You have the right to say goodbye to him “. Morgan then goes on to recall that this is an incredible brother.

But if the young woman has difficulty containing her tears, it is the same for her nephew. You will understand, it will be an emotional streak tonight in Tomorrow belongs to us! Be on time !


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