Tomorrow belongs to us: Clémentine explores!


Franck died not long ago in Tomorrow belongs to us. Clémentine is going to make a strange discovery while jogging.

A few days ago, Franck died in Tomorrow belongs to us. The police are investigating and Clémentine will soon make a macabre discovery while jogging. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Franck left behind many secrets in Tomorrow belongs to us. Several weeks ago, Morgane’s brother made his entry into Sète. At first glance, the latter was very friendly and close to his family. Moreover, he managed to charm everyone with his many gifts.

However, Sandrine always had a doubt about Franck and never liked him. And for good reason, the CPE thinks they saw the businessman transporting a body in his car. Something to give him chills, but also many questions about the sincerity of Franck. Since then, she thinks he’s a killer.

Sandrine tried to talk about this story to the police as well as to Sandrine in Tomorrow belongs to us. Yet she soon found herself alone against all of them and had no evidence to advance her theory. Nevertheless, Anna helped her find some big secrets about Morgane’s brother.

The two women discovered that Franck’s ex-wife had committed suicide and left behind numerous life insurance policies for Franck. Sandrine was therefore convinced that the man was manipulating his mother and mainly wanted her money.


Morgane came to understand that Franck is not the man she thought he was in Tomorrow belongs to us. So, she wanted to ask him a few questions and find out if he had tried to kill Sandrine. The businessman wanted to flee and broke up abruptly with Anne-Marie. Shortly after, the police found Franck’s lifeless body.

Aurore, Georges and Karim therefore opened an investigation in order to find the murderer of Morgane’s brother. Sandrine lied about her schedule and the police quickly realize that she was not being honest with them. Thus, they will begin to have great doubts and will take her into custody later in the episodes.

Morgane and Anne-Marie will want to do everything to defend Sandrine so that she does not go to jail. Indeed, they will feel guilty for not having listened to her about Franck and his shenanigans. Nonetheless, the evidence will start to accumulate in Tomorrow is ours.

For her part, Clémentine is going to the beach for her morning jog. On the way, she will come across a corpse, wrapped in bubble wrap. Sasha’s sweetheart won’t waste a minute in contacting the police. Aurore will disembark and will think that the corpse and the one that Franck had loaded in his car …


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