Tomorrow belongs to us: Chloe will soon change?


At the microphone of Télé-Loisirs, Ingrid Chauvin, playing the role of Chloe in Tomorrow belongs to us, hopes for a change of her character

Ingrid Chauvin has been playing in the series Tomorrow belongs to us for almost 3 years. And in 3 years, the one who plays Chloe on screen has seen many twists and turns. In fact, his character may change once again in the next few episodes.

In any case, this is what she suggested during an interview with Télé-Loisirs. Yet initially her role shouldn’t have lasted that long. In fact, according to her, she had initially signed for a short period:

“I was offered a series planned for six months, with a beginning and an end, a great adventure, like those I have experienced with Dolmen. And then, we all had the desire to continue ”. Finally, as we let you know, it has been almost 3 years since her role on screen in Tomorrow belongs to us.

A choice on the part of the producers that seems to suit the actress completely: “The recurring aspect was fine for me. Because I have my career behind me and being a young mother would allow me to be in one place for my son. ”

The latter, also adding: “Three and a half years later, there is no weariness. On the contrary, it is exhilarating to evolve with a character. I feel good in Tomorrow Belongs to Us, where we have created a loving family. It’s a highlight in a lifetime ”

So you will understand, she does not seem to tire of filming in the series. Although she hopes for a change for Chloe in the future as she informed Télé-Loisirs.


“I’m more used to let myself go because I like to discover. See what the authors imagine for us. But we are fortunate to have dates twice a year with them. To talk about the plots to come in the year and if we as actors have any wishes. ”

The fact of meeting the “dads” of Tomorrow belongs to us so many times in the year therefore allows the actors to submit several ideas. Some people are sometimes tired of their character’s “life”. They then ask to change the register.

Ingrid Chauvin does not hide it. Indeed, still at the media microphone, she let it be known what she hoped for Chloe’s sequel. According to her, she would like to orient Celeste’s mom in a slightly more comical register:

“Right now, I talk to them more and more about comedy. I hope to approach this register within the year “.

It remains to be seen whether the producers of Tomorrow belongs to us will hear his request and comply with it. But given that the beauty is one of the pioneers of the series, we have reason to be optimistic about this idea.

On the other hand, if it does, it may take several months … Before discovering a clear change in the one who has just divorced Alex in the series.


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