Tomorrow belongs to us: Chloe is in a dilemma!


Chloe helps Martin hide in Tomorrow belongs to us. She will find herself in a dilemma because of Xavier. Chloe has always been close to Martin in Tomorrow belongs to us. She decided to help him go into hiding while he was cleared of Danielli’s death. However, she will find herself in a bad position. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Chloe already in conflict with Xavier in Tomorrow belongs to us? A few days ago, Danielli made his return to Sète. Michael Corkas’s former ally accosted Jules on the street and had many questions for him. The young man fled and did not tell Virginia and Martin about it.

So, during the fancy dress party at the Spoon, the lawyer and the policeman were not suspicious. Danielli drugged them and Virginie left the facility shaky. For his part, Martin regained consciousness in a container and had a huge gash in his hand. He has no recollection of what may have happened.

Shortly after, police found Danielli’s lifeless body. He was killed with a knife and Martin’s DNA was found on the gun. So he is suspected of murder and seems to have lied about his schedule. Indeed, he does not remember having had a big altercation with Danielli during the evening of Spoon.

Martin has fled in Tomorrow belongs to us and is investigating himself in order to exonerate himself. He can count on the support of Virginie and Jules. However, recently, Chloe is helping him too and has even become his accomplice. So she chose to host him for a while and Judith doesn’t like it.

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With Danielli’s death, a new prosecutor has arrived in Sète in Tomorrow belongs to us. Xavier is a childhood friend of Chloe and seems under her spell. They have reconnected and spend many moments together. Chloe is smiling again thanks to Xavier and seems ready to embark on a love affair.

Yet Judith’s mother is going to be in the middle of a dilemma. By hiding Martin in her house, she is not being honest with Xavier and even spoils her investigation. So, she may soon have to choose between her affair with the DA or her friendship with Martin. Especially since Judith will soon be throwing everything at the police.

Karim and Aurore will discover that Chloe is hiding Martin in Tomorrow belongs to us. The teacher will therefore have to follow them to the police station and will find herself in custody. She’s going to have to explain herself and risk it big. Indeed, unwittingly, she finds herself an accomplice in murder. But then, is Xavier going to feel betrayed?

Martin and Chloe had a brief love affair on the soap opera several years ago. Thus, Xavier could well be jealous of his complicity with the police officer. However, he may especially not understand why Chloe lied while hiding Martin at her place …


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