Tomorrow belongs to us: Chemsa on the verge of death?


For several days, Chemsa has been in danger in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young woman is going to be shot! Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Several months ago, Karim returned to Sète and was with Chemsa in Tomorrow belongs to us. The two characters made everyone believe they were in a relationship. Nevertheless, the young woman is placed under protection because she must testify against her brother.

Karim does everything to protect Chemsa by the time the trial arrives but he encounters some concerns. Indeed, Amine, has found the trace of her sister and does not hesitate to threaten her. So, he asked Erik to kidnap Nina, Lou and the policeman’s daughter.

In addition, Amine has given Karim an ultimatum and asks him to kill Chemsa if he ever wants to see his daughter again. The policeman refuses to do so because he is not a ripou. Yet Chemsa’s life is more threatened than ever and Lou’s ex is losing its means.

So in the next episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, Karim is going to have two minutes of inattention. This will be enough for one person to shoot Chemsa …


In the upcoming episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Karim and Chemsa will be at the apartment. They will argue and Nina’s dad will be at the end of his rope. Indeed, he still will not have found his daughter and will be worried about her. Besides, he will continue to hide a lot of things from Lou in order to spare him.

However, during an argument, Chemsa ends up by the apartment window. A person will shoot her and the young woman will be injured in the arm. Fortunately, she won’t have anything serious, but Karim will decide to take her to the hospital.

One can imagine that it is one of Amine’s henchmen who will attempt to kill Chemsa. Or, he’ll do it on purpose not to aim well in order to put pressure on Karim.

Still, Chemsa will be far from safe in the hospital in Tomorrow belongs to us. Indeed, in the parking lot, Lou will find his ex and the young woman with a gun. She will be in all her states and will in turn want to end Chemsa …


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