Tomorrow belongs to us: Chauvin evokes Jade’s death!


On Instagram, the actress of Tomorrow belongs to us, Ingrid Chauvin spoke of the death of her daughter with her son Tom. And it is moving.

On Instagram, Ingrid Chauvin, the star of Tomorrow belongs to us, participates in a very moving discussion. She then returns to the death of her daughter Jade. So we see the mother talking about this tragic event to her son Tom.

Seven years ago, the actress’s daughter passed away at the age of 5 months. A real trauma for the young mother. In 2015 she returned to this drama in an interview with Paris Match. “I was in the kitchen preparing her bottle. Suddenly, I had a strange feeling, as if the mood in his room was different. ”

“I stayed close to her and gradually felt her pulse grow weaker and weaker. I watched helplessly as my daughter left. ” she explained with great emotion. Despite this, her son Tom was born soon after in 2016.

But the Tomorrow Belongs to Us actress has never forgotten her daughter. So she decided to broach the subject with her son Tom. So on Instagram, she shares the conversation she just had with him. And it’s very moving.


In the story, the actress of Tomorrow Belongs to Us is sharing this private conversation. “Mom, if Jade lives on a cloud, that means she died before,” Tom asked.

“It’s true Tom, you’re right … But most of all it means that life doesn’t really stop and that there is always a part of you that stays somewhere.” she continues. She ended this conversation with a little note for her subscribers.

“Find the words every day, for your children, be as close to the truth as possible and make everything positive no matter what.” Despite the time he spends, the actress of Tomorrow belongs to us does not forget her daughter, on the contrary.


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