Tomorrow belongs to us: call Xavier and Chloe already!


Chloe lied to Xavier in Tomorrow belongs to us in order to protect Martin. She may well miss her love story.

Chloe crossed paths with Xavier recently in Tomorrow belongs to us. The prosecutor will break up with her and will feel betrayed after the Danielli case. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Chloe and Xavier, already the end of the couple in Tomorrow belongs to us? A few days ago, Xavier arrived in Sète in the TF1 soap opera. The new prosecutor is investigating Danielli’s death and is looking for Martin. Indeed, the policeman finds himself suspected of murder and has no evidence to defend himself.

As soon as his suitcases were put down, Xavier wanted to find Chloe, his childhood friend. He always fell in love with her and found out she was divorced. Thus, the two characters spend a lot of time together and seem very complicit. In fact, Chloe finally seems ready to get back together.

Yet her birth relationship with Xavier is in danger in Tomorrow belongs to us. Virginie called on Chloe and asked her to help protect Martin. The teacher is very attached to him and therefore has to agree to help him. So, she’s been hosting him for several days, and her daughter, Judith, doesn’t like it.

Judith thinks her mother is irresponsible and takes too many risks for Martin. In addition, she seems to put her whole family in danger since she could be suspected of complicity. Judith will therefore soon denounce her and this could forever destroy the relationship between Chloe and Xavier.

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Chloe had a brief love affair in the past with Martin. Since then, they have remained very good friends and do not hesitate to help each other. Thus, Chloe could see herself turning her back on her friend badly when he was suspected of murder. Not to mention that Martin has been the victim of a stunt from the start.

Police will soon come to understand everything about the Danielli case. Thus, Martin will be able to regain his freedom and Chloe will be able to breathe. However, an excerpt from an upcoming episode of Tomorrow belongs to us already teases the end of her relationship with Xavier. Indeed, the prosecutor will have a hard time forgiving her.

In the excerpt, Xavier and Chloe meet up one evening for a drink. Xavier will always be angry with Chloe and will feel betrayed. She will therefore try to reconnect with him. “I wish we could get past all that,” she will say. Chloe won’t want her relationship to go up in smoke over the Danielli affair.

Yet Xavier is not going to hear it that way in Tomorrow belongs to us. The prosecutor will not be receptive and will not want to start again on a sound basis. So even if he still cares about her, he won’t want to continue their story. “I can not believe that it can give something solid”, he will tell her. Xavier will want to be disappointed that Chloe chose to help Martin rather than him …


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