Tomorrow belongs to us: Ben breaks the rope and flies!


The Girards will soon be staying with Clémentine in Demain belongs to us. A photo will really piss off Ben, Sasha’s son.

Clementine has recently been in a relationship with Sasha and they will soon be settling down together in Tomorrow is ours. Nevertheless, Ben will still make his own. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Not long ago, the Girard family arrived in Sète in Demain belongs to us. Sasha, sports coach, met Clémentine and very quickly fell under her spell. Nonetheless, he struggled to cope with his feelings.

And for good reason, Sasha lost his wife in a car accident and has to take care of her two children. Her daughter is in a wheelchair and Clémentine took her under her wing. Then, Ben is a somewhat revolted teenager who cannot cope with the death of his mother.

So, the teenager has already caused a lot of trouble in Tomorrow is Our Own. In fact, in the cave, he had almost been responsible for the deaths of Odysseus and Clementine by emptying the drinking water. Then, above all, he had sown discord.

Still, Ben promised his father that he would make an effort and accept Clementine. So much so that the Girard family will soon be moving to Clémentine’s, but it already promises to spark.


In an excerpt from TF1 from Tomorrow belongs to us, Clémentine will organize a little housewarming to celebrate the arrival of Sasha and her children at home. Sasha is going to bring back all her boxes, which will make Tristan laugh a lot.

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Indeed, during the evening, Tristan will take one of the boxes with “miscellaneous” written on it and open it in front of everyone. The manager of the Spoon will laugh at his brother’s never-used items. He’ll think he’s entertaining the gallery, but he’s going to blunder.

At the bottom of the box, Tristan goes to find a photo. He’ll think this is a cliché from Ash’s “grunge years”. Still, he’s going to face a beautiful photograph of his nephews with their mom and it’s going to hurt Ben a lot.

The teenager is going to go straight off and will get mad in front of everyone. “Since no one will miss her, this photo will go to my bedroom,” he said as he left the living room. Tristan is going to feel bad about the other guests. So, will Ben really agree to live with Clémentine in Tomorrow belongs to us? Case to follow!


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