Tomorrow belongs to us: Baecker (Anna) returning to Sète?


In Tomorrow belongs to us, Maud Baeker alias Anna, will make her big comeback in Sète! Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!

Anna (Maud Baeker) will make her comeback in Tomorrow belongs to us. Yes, the young woman is even already in Sète.

Tomorrow belongs to us is the flagship series of TF1. Yes, in the space of three years, this soap opera has established itself as the channel’s benchmark for series. Awesome, isn’t it?

And for good reason, this series which manages to captivate young and old, brings together millions of viewers every evening.

In fact, the series Tomorrow belongs to us is so successful that it now has its own spin-off. Yes, Here everything begins has been broadcast for a week on TF1. And guess what: this series is also a hit! Very cool !

But if Tomorrow Belongs to Us works so well, it’s a big part of its characters. Yes, the inhabitants of Sète are all more endearing than the others!

Moreover, the departure of some characters saddened us a little. But good news: after Victoire, it’s Anna who is now making her comeback in the series!

Yes, its interpreter, Maud Baecker, has even already taken to filming.

We tell you more!


After three years on the air, Tomorrow Belongs to Us saw the departure of several characters.

Nevertheless, several have already made their return to the series.

Moreover, after Lucie (Lore Pester) and Victoire (Solène Hébert), it is now up to Anna Delcourt (Maud Baecker) to make her big comeback.

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Yes, the actress who decided, in 2019, to take a break from Tomorrow belongs to us, to devote herself to new projects, will make her comeback in the series. In fact, the actress has already returned to filming! Top, right?

However, we will have to wait a little longer to find Anna on the screen. And for good reason, there is about a month of delay between the shooting of the series and its broadcast.

We can therefore expect to find Anna Delcourt in December or even January in Tomorrow belongs to us!

We, in any case, we can’t wait!


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