Tomorrow belongs to us: Aurore betrays William


William will soon be suspected of assaulting Charlie in Tomorrow belongs to us. The doctor is going to be betrayed by his wife Aurore.

The Daunier family faces new challenges in Tomorrow belongs to us. William will soon find himself in custody and will feel betrayed! Please note, the article contains spoilers.

For the past few days, Charlie has been in a coma after being assaulted at the beach. The young woman had many enemies around her and there are many suspects in Tomorrow belongs to us.

First, the police looked into the case of Sofia Daunier. Indeed, the young woman hated Charlie because the latter had posted a fake sextape of her. Manon’s sister had been insulted and humiliated and resented Charlie a lot.

Then, before her assault, Sofia tried to sow discord in the Daunier family. Indeed, she placed a thong in William’s satchel and Sofia had discovered it. The young woman thought that her father was cheating on Aurore and ended up learning that Charlie was behind it all.

So, everyone thinks that Sofia tried to kill Charlie in Tomorrow is ours. Nevertheless, William will soon be suspected and will even end up in custody because of Aurora.


Police will soon receive an anonymous letter accusing William of attempting to kill Charlie in Tomorrow is Ours. The doctor appears to have seen the teenager outside the school before the tragedy. Besides, he had had a big argument with her.

Thus, this new evidence could bring down William in the next episodes. Aurore is going to find herself in a delicate situation and will be especially furious to learn that William has kept things from her about Charlie.

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So, in an excerpt from an upcoming episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, William is going to the police station to speak with Aurore’s colleagues. She’s going to ask him to go see them in order to clarify the situation. Nevertheless, the doctor will quickly find himself in the list of suspects!

Indeed, Martin will think that William is not being honest and will take him into custody. William will fall stripped and even feel betrayed by his wife. “Aurore, did you tell me it was just to ask me questions ?! “He said in the excerpt. Aurore won’t be able to do anything to help her husband …


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