Tomorrow belongs to us: Aurore and Martin find the gun!


Sandrine and Morgane protect themselves against Franck’s death in Tomorrow belongs to us. Aurore will soon discover the murder weapon.

Sandrine is suspected of the murder of Franck in Tomorrow belongs to us. Very soon, Aurore will have a new lead and will discover the murder weapon. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

The noose tightens around Sandrine in Tomorrow belongs to us. Several weeks ago, Franck made his entrance and Morgane’s brother quickly charmed those around him with his many gifts. Still, Sandrine found it hard to believe in the honesty of the businessman and investigated him.

Arthur’s mother believes she saw Franck carrying a body in the middle of the night. So she asked Hanna for some info and found out that Franck’s ex-wife had committed suicide. The latter has received numerous life insurance policies, which explains his large fortune.

Sandrine therefore quickly understood that Franck was manipulating Anne-Marie in Tomorrow belongs to us. His mother, blinded by love, signed many papers and Franck had access to his accounts. Then he drugged her many times in order to push her to the limit. Nevertheless, his plan did not work.

Morgane discovered the many manipulations of her brother. She therefore wanted to have an explanation, but Franck fled. He was however found dead at home and Sandrine seems to be the main suspect. And for good reason, she lied about her schedule and hides many other secrets …


Aurore does not believe in Sandrine’s innocence and thinks that the latter killed Franck. In fact, she noticed that the CPE lied about her schedule and left school at 6:15 pm. She will therefore very soon continue her investigation and will discover the murder weapon in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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Sandrine may not have killed Franck, but she seems to be complicit in the murder. Indeed, she threw the gun into the sea with… Morgane. Everything suggests that the two women orchestrated the death of the businessman and they could very soon end up in prison.

TF1 has released an excerpt from an upcoming episode of Tomorrow belongs to us. Jeanne, Alex’s mother, will confide in Aurore that she saw Sandrine throw something in the water late at night. The policewoman will therefore understand that she wanted to get rid of the weapon and will ask the divers to find it.

Aurore and Martin will discover the gun in the water. For them, there will be no more doubt and will now be sure that Sandrine is involved in Franck’s death. Aurore will ask Martin to summon Sandrine once again to “question her and get her to confess”. Sandrine could well put herself in great danger to save Morgane in the continuation of the TF1 soap opera.


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