Tomorrow belongs to us: Arthur defends Sofia!


The tone rises between Sofia, Arthur and Jules in Tomorrow belongs to us … The two high school students will come to blows in front of their comrades …

Nothing is going well in Tomorrow belongs to us. Indeed, this week there will be some brawl on the menu, but that’s far from all.

Who says new week, says new plot, then. This week in Tomorrow is Ours, Charlie’s condition is not going to improve.

The young woman, who was hospitalized after being the victim of an assault, is slowly recovering from her strong emotions. What if Sofia had something to do with it?

The pretty blonde is hiding a heavy secret. So it’s Karim who’s going to have to pierce it up to date, before it does any damage, then.

Sofia had a very strained relationship with the victim. Remember, the story of the fake sex tape had spread around Sète, which damaged the latter’s reputation …


In an extract unveiled exclusively by MyTF1, a violent fight will break out in the high school of Sète, therefore. Arthur will therefore defend Sofia, taken aside by Arthur.

Jules is convinced that Sofia is responsible for Charlie’s condition. “It was because of you that Charlie was assaulted,” says the mad high school student.

Faced with these words, Arthur will take the defense of the pretty blonde, frightened by the words of the high school student. And the situation will therefore quickly degenerate.

Arthur obviously stands up for his girlfriend, and Jules gets angry. The two young men will then come to blows in front of the whole school.

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The principal arrives at the last minute to separate the two students, therefore. Sofia, she tries somehow to separate her boyfriend, but she therefore does not succeed … Do not miss Tomorrow belongs to us, Monday to Friday, at 7.20 pm on TF1.


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