Tomorrow belongs to us: Anthony Colette will enter!


According to our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs, Anthony Colette from Dancing with the Stars will soon be appearing in Tomorrow belongs to us

Here’s great news for all Dance with the Stars fans and Tomorrow is ours. Anthony Colette will soon make his arrival in the TF1 series to shoot several episodes!

Indeed, it is our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs who have just shared the news. Maybe the last shot of Samy Gharbi gave some ideas. Indeed, the actor, very close to Lorie Pester, posted a photo of him at 15 years on Instagram.

If you’re wondering how this post relates to Anthony Colette’s appearance in Tomorrow belongs to us, we’ll try to explain it to you. For that, you have to go back several years.

Back in the days when Lorie was dating Billy Crawford. The famous American knowing a huge buzz with his title “Trackin”. At the time, he was one of the first artists to mix dance with song.

And imagine that Samy Gharbi looked like two drops of water when he was younger. Besides, not hesitating to let it know in his Insta story. And causing a giggle in Billy Crawford’s ex.

Therefore, we can assume that the producers of Tomorrow Belongs to Us also stumbled upon the photo in question. And, because of this, they wanted to really bring a dancer into their project.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Anthony Colette will land in the series!


This is of course a mere hypothesis. There is nothing to tell us that the actor’s cliché really sparked this idea in the real world. Perhaps they were already thinking of calling on Anthony Colette for the rest of the episodes.

Whether or not this is the case, the Dancing with the Stars dancer will be coming soon. He should arrive as Alma’s son in Tomorrow is Our Own:

“Hadrien will arrive in Sète after having taken a sabbatical year to go around the world; a trip that he chose to cut short. In order to see his mother as soon as possible, to whom he is very close. »Let our colleagues from Toutelatele know.

The media, making it known that this is not the first time that a tele-hook artist has appeared in the soap opera. Before him, it was Denitsa who took part in the project.

You might not have known it, but the dancer appeared in another series before Tomorrow belongs to us. Indeed, he shared the screen alongside Jean-Luc Reichmann. In the series “Léo Mattei”. A series seen by millions of viewers.

With this new participation, he proves that he is not just a dancer. Iris Mittenaere’s ex seems to have a taste for acting. And is doing wonderfully in this area. It remains to be seen whether his character will stay in the series for a while or whether he will quickly leave Sète.


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