Tomorrow belongs to us: Alma still in competition with Iris!


In the episode that aired this Wednesday, fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us saw that Alma was still in competition with Iris.

A love triangle never turns out to be good. Well, it is probably not the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us who will say the opposite. The latter, witnessing a funny story between Samuel, Alma and Iris in the episode aired this Wednesday.

But the episode in question did not only give us the “struggle” of the two women for William’s friend. As Allociné notes, many other things have happened in Sète. Notably the result of Franck’s death.

A death that suits some families well. However, because of this loss in Tomorrow belongs to us, Sandrine is obviously suspected. But it is undoubtedly Anne-Marie who will have more difficult days.

Since Sandrine’s mother was drugged by the deceased in order to be better controlled. An announcement upsetting everything in the head of this one. When she hears the news, she realizes that her affair with him was all a lie …

So who killed Franck in Tomorrow belongs to us? The red stain on Sandrine’s coat might prove that it was her …


Aside from this murder story, it was indeed a love story that captured the attention of TF1 viewers. Indeed, as we let you know, Samuel always seems very attached to Iris. The fact that he doesn’t seem interested in a vacation in Corsica, when Alma suggests it, only confirms this theory.

Because yes, as Allociné notes, the love triangle of Tomorrow belongs to us and would not have finished talking about it. Since Iris keeps talking about her encounters with Samuel when she visits Dr. Daunier.

Following this, the latter makes the choice to warn his friend to keep his distance from Iris. No doubt tormented by this, he then lets Alma know that he had failed to take the tickets to go to Corsica. It is too much for her who lets him know that she is fed up with sharing a man’s heart with a ghost (Leïla: note).

But does she suspect that this famous heart is shared with another person in Tomorrow belongs to us?


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