Tomorrow belongs to us: Alex and Chloe again as couple?


Chloe and Xavier get closer and closer in Tomorrow belongs to us. But Alex in the story, will he be with his ex again?

Chloe hasn’t been with Alex for some time in Tomorrow belongs to us. And she is finding love elsewhere with Xavier. But will it last or will she fall back with her ex? We tell you more in this article.

Ingrid Chauvin, the actress of Chloé in the series, confides in Télé Star on the continuation of the love affairs. Xavier is back in Sète and intends to conquer the beautiful young woman. Especially since he was with her in high school! Enough to bring back old feelings and memories.

After a rather complicated year that ended with the separation of Chloe and Alex, Tomorrow belongs to us showed the young woman as a new woman. She really wanted to turn the page. So his old high school mate fell at the right time.

She finds comfort in him and very quickly lets herself be seduced. But as usual in the series, things are going to get complicated. Martin is suspected of murdering Danielli. So he has to go into hiding and asks his friend Chloe for help. But a problem arises.

Xavier is a prosecutor and is in charge of this case. But Chloe feels sorry for Martin and agrees to help him. Which could put her in a bad position with her brand new darling. Things never go well in Sète, you know. Everything could therefore change.


In the interview with Ingrid Chauvin, she confided a little about her future relationship with Xavier. We don’t know how Alex will react when he learns of his ex’s new relationship. According to the actress, she “doubts he’ll take it very well.” And we can imagine.

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But could the couple Chloe and Alex reform in Tomorrow belongs to us? According to the actress, “anything is possible! But for the moment, that would not be on the program of the series. “They don’t forget the 20 beautiful years we spent together and their three children. ”

Their relationship has calmed down, but at the moment there is no question of getting back together. But their complicity is still relevant, no doubts about it. For the moment, Chloe will therefore start with Xavier and we’ll see what happens.

For now, everything seems to be going pretty well. But you always have to be wary of stories that start in the series. We are never immune to a turnaround.

We hope Martin’s story will not destroy everything between the new couple. But to find out, we’ll have to keep watching the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. In the next few episodes, things should get a bit trickier and more complicated.


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