Tomodachi Game: Episode 12 Review


Below are spoilers for the 12th episode of Tomodachi Game “What’s most important to me…”, which is currently being broadcast on Crunchyroll.

The eleventh episode of Tomodachi Game showed that Group C was the winner of the third game. This shocked the members of Group K, especially Kei, who sincerely believed that his team would win.

After the victory, Yuichi and Mikasa were temporarily released into the real world before the fourth game. They discovered that Shibe’s father had been arrested and Savaragi had disappeared. The episode ended after Kokoroga’s abduction, and Yuichi agreed to play Tomodachi’s “special” game to save her.

Weak winning game

The season finale begins when Yuichi enters a dark room and meets a group of strangers holding Kokorogi hostage. A new character, Kuroki, explains to Yuichi the rules of the Weak Win Game before they start. According to Kuroki, Yuichi will be tortured for three rounds. If he can withstand the pain, he and the Cramps will be free. The only way for Yuichi to avoid being tortured is for Kokoroga to endure the pain for him. In addition, the Rhinoceroses must decide who will bear the pain. If she chooses herself, the torture won’t be as painful as if she chose Yuichi.

In the first round of the game, you will be hit by a massive Hercules, Goriki. If Kokorogi chooses herself, she will only get hit once. But if she chooses Yuichi, he will get three hits. Kokoroga has five seconds to choose from, but she can’t. This means that Yuichi is selected automatically. She is forced to watch as Yuichi gets hit three times and falls to the ground. The next round is getting worse. Kuroki announces that if Kokorogi chooses herself, she will only lose one nail. However, if she chooses Yuichi, he will lose three nails. As much as Kokorogi doesn’t want Yuichi to suffer pain, she struggles to go through the torture herself. Judging by what the audience saw, Kokorogi is fragile, weak and unable to take care of herself. Yuichi knows this, and his concern for her prompts him to volunteer for the second round.

In the last round, Kokorogi has to make a choice. If she chooses herself, she must dance naked. However, if she chooses Yuichi, Kuroki will cut out his hand three times with a knife. Unable to make a choice, Kokorogi tells Yuichi to choose and that she will do whatever he asks. As expected, Yuichi volunteered again. After Kuroki tortures him, he tells both participants that the special game is over and they can go. When Yuichi expresses his anger, Kuroki mistakes it for being directed at Kokorogi. However, Yuichi explains that he is angry at Kuroki, not at Kokorogi. This is when Kokorogi falls into his arms and with tears in his eyes exclaims that he trusts him. That’s enough to comfort Yuichi.

Stone, Paper, Fingers

After the game ends, Yuichi suggests Kuroki to play another game. If he wins, Yuichi will give him 10 million yen. Kuroki agrees. Yuichi tells him that they will play “one round of rock, paper, scissors.” If Kuroki wins, he will get 10 million yen, but if he loses, Yuichi will cut off his fingers.

Yuichi explains that if he chooses paper and loses, he will cut off all five fingers. If Kuroki takes scissors and loses, Yuichi will cut off two fingers; if Kuroki chooses a stone and loses, Yuichi will not cut off his fingers.

Sensing Kuroki’s discomfort, Yuichi tells him that he has a huge advantage, given that he can only choose stone or paper with his bandaged right hand. But before they can start playing, Kuroki interrupts him, exclaiming that he didn’t say he was going to play. That’s all Yuichi needs to start bullying him in front of his friends. Yuichi raises the stakes, announcing that if Kuroki wins, he will give everyone a million yen.

Feeling the pressure, Kuroki agrees, and the game begins. While choosing paper, Kuroki is horrified to discover that Yuichi has chosen scissors with his left hand. When Kuroki exclaims that he cheated, Yuichi defends himself by stating that he said he could only use stone or paper with his right hand, but no one said he could not use his left hand. Feeling humiliated, Kuroki orders his friends to grab Yuichi. But when they do, the Tomodachi Game management ambushes the area.


Tomodachi Game management reports that Kuroki and his group posed as them. Yuichi had this feeling when they first called him, so he asked Mikasa to contact Tomodachi Game management. However, before the management has time to pick up Kuroki, Yuichi intercepts him, claiming that he has unfinished business with him.

He informs Kuroki that if one of his friends decides to take his place, he will cut off only one finger. Unfortunately for Kuroki, none of his friends volunteer. But luckily for him, Yuichi loses consciousness before he has time to torture him.